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I'm doing a CS degree and right now I'm kind of bored (that's not the word, but I don't really know how to say it). I mean, I have lessons and all but right now I'm taking just a few courses so I have plenty of free time, so I would like to invest part of that time in programming something.

What I'm looking for are kind of specifications for projects, not just something that could be written in a couple of days but in a month or two, to keep me busy while learning new things.

Do anyone know of some sites where I could get that? May be didactical or not.

Thank you very much.

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You could try the projects on projecteuler.net. There's plenty of problems there to get your teeth into that'll challenge your maths and CS skills.

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Well, there are hundreds and thousands of FOSS projects out there. I would start looking at different ones and seeing where you're interested in helping out. Contact the members and see if they want help. I would recommend starting on a smaller project due to the fact that bigger projects have their own political/technical/etc. problems facing them which may hinder your learning. But, of course, it is your choice.

Some places to start:

There are plenty of others. Good luck, and enjoy!

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Look at some open source repositories - Sourceforge comes to mind. Find something that looks interesting and see what needs doing.

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