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I set a value in string type to Excell cell, but in result it shows like numeric format.

workSheet.Cells[i + 1, 7] = list[i].Code;

Code is a string type, but in result it shown like double. For example, Code is "409318000597" in string type, but in excell value is 4,09318E+11. When I double clicked to cell, it expands and shown like 409318000597 and get back on mouse over.

I also tried this, but nothing changed.

workSheet.Cells[i + 1, 7] = String.Format("{0}", list[i].Code);

It is interesting that, there is Name property in string type also, it shown like normal.

Is there any way to manage excel types?

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Try changing NumberFormat to text:

workSheet.Cells[i + 1, 7].NumberFormat = "@";
workSheet.Cells[i + 1, 7] = list[i].Code;

Actually I suggest you to do it for entire range:

workSheet.Range["G1","G100"].NumberFormat = "@";

and then in loop:

workSheet.Cells[i + 1, 7] = list[i].Code;
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Yess, it is I was looking for. Thanks –  Jhoon Bey Apr 22 '14 at 15:51

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