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Is there a way to run conky in the terminal? I don't care about the graphics but I would like to have a window in screen that would effectively run as my 'conky' and display conky-like stats/scripts etc.

If this isn't possible, are there alternatives that do what I'm asking?

I found this Conky interface post which uses the out_to_console option. I don't really consider this a solution as I'm looking for something ncurses based.

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There is a cli version of conky. On debian wheezy you can install it with:-

sudo apt-get install conky-cli

However, it will remove conky-std if you already have that installed.

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Further googling 'conky ncurses' led me full circle back to conky's documentation http://conky.sourceforge.net/docs.html. There is an out_to_ncurses option.

Based on this post http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/howto-live-life-in-a-text-based-world-856017/#post4234633 you need to set out_to_console and out_to_x to no to get it to work.

I simply took my working graphical conky and set out_to_console and out_to_x to no and out_to_ncurses to yes and commented out a line where I was setting the background image (not sure if this was necessary) and ran it and she worked like a charm!


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