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I need to implement a backup/restore for my app. I'm a little confused by the offical documentation (Data Backup):

For situations where the volume of data is relatively light (less than a megabyte), like the user's preferences, notes, game high scores or other stats, the Backup API provides a lightweight solution.

What happens if I need to backup/restore 25-100 Mb of data (SqlLite db)?

Android's backup service allows you to copy your persistent application data to remote "cloud" storage, in order to provide a restore point for the application data and settings. f a user performs a factory reset or converts to a new Android-powered device, the system automatically restores your backup data when the application is re-installed.

Does it work also for apps that don't come from the market (are manually installed from the sd card)?

The documentation talks about a "cloud" storage. Do I need a valid internet connection to perform backup/restore?

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