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I am working on TC9 and using jscript. I have to remove a string from a text and perform a comparison. For example : Text 12:11:12

In the above text , i need to extract the portion showing time.How do i do that?


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Thanks for your response. Also Is there anyway to find if a string has a substring and a regex? In the above string , " Text 12:11:12", how can i verify if the string contains the substring "Text" and a regex ? –  user2993178 Apr 25 at 9:17

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The following code should work:

function Test()
  var regEx, Matches;
  var InStr = "Text 12:11:12";

  // Set regular expression pattern 
  regEx = /\d*:\d*:\d*/ig;

  // Perform search operation
  Matches = InStr.match(regEx);
  // Iterate through Matches array
  for (var i=0; i<Matches.length; i++)
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If the source string always has this format, you can just get the part after the space:

function test()
  var str = "Text 12:11:12";
  var timeStr = str.split(" ")[1];
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