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I am using WebDriverJS, the JavaScript bindings for WebDriver, to do some simple frontend testing (driven by nodejs). However, I'm running into difficulties resizing the window, and the documentation is just a bit unclear to me.

var webdriver = require('selenium-wedriver');

driver = new webdriver.Builder()

.then(function() {
    driver.Window.setSize(400, 400);  // <-- should resize, does nothing
// more thenables...

Everything works normally and it gives no error, but the browser window does not resize. Am I referencing this setSize method incorrectly?

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After more than a week of confused searching through the api docs and google, the answer was actually lying inside of the tests folder of the selenium-webdriver tests node module!!

driver.manage().window().setSize(x, y);
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I don't know how selenium-webdriver works so I can't help you there but just in case you are interested, here is how it works with WebdriverJS:

var webdriverjs = require('webdriverjs');
var options = {
    desiredCapabilities: {
        browserName: 'chrome'

    .title(function(err, res) {
        console.log('Title was: ' + res.value);
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Thanks for the suggestion, though it's not really what I need since it would require a fair amount of refactoring. I did find this comment on the differences b/w the two packages, in case anyone wants to know: github.com/camme/webdriverjs/issues/138#issuecomment-32051980 –  mikeybaby173 Apr 25 '14 at 22:08

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