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Having a ToolItem with a 32x32 image and a text caption, the image is displayed far too small. Is it possible to set the height of a SWT ToolItem programatically?

I am not asking for a solution using CoolItem.

Increasing the size of the parent ToolBar and (parent of parent) Composite did not help. The ToolBar becomes heigher, but the ToolItem height seems fixed.

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The ToolItem normally shows the image full size. How are you creating the image and ToolItem? –  greg-449 Apr 23 at 7:34
Problem solved, images are adjusted to the size of the first image added into a ToolBar. –  user1438038 Apr 24 at 19:22
@user1438038 Please consider posting your solution as an answer. –  Baz Apr 26 at 8:34
Done. Sorry, did not see that button. It just said 'Add comment', so I assumed I cannot answer my own Q. –  user1438038 Apr 26 at 13:14

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It is not possible to resize ToolItems manually. All images in a ToolBar are scaled automatically to match the size of the FIRST image added to the ToolBar. In my case the first ToolItem had a very small image and was disposed early on, that is why subsequent ToolItems were smaller than expected.

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