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Is there a way to compile files automatically in the right order. Seems like 'CompileAssemblyFromFile' do not care about dependencies before compiling. Way around ?

public bClass 
   public aClass FieldName; //Trows error not aClass type not found

Compile Order

1. bClass.css
2. aClass.cs
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Show how you call the compiler. C# is multipass, it shouldn't matter. –  Henk Holterman Apr 22 at 17:57

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It works for me in either order:

var pro = new CSharpCodeProvider();
var assem = pro.CompileAssemblyFromFile(new CompilerParameters(), "path/to/bClass.cs", "path/to/aClass.cs");
// or
var assem = pro.CompileAssemblyFromFile(new CompilerParameters(), "path/to/aClass.cs", "path/to/bClass.cs");


public class aClass 


public class bClass 
   public aClass FieldName;
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My mistake. Made a typo. –  MR.ABC Apr 22 at 18:28

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