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I am new to Winforms development and I do not see a solution yet on Stackoverflow, but may have missed it.

I have a dialog box that comes up, but due to application startup processing, it is only half displayed for the first 2 seconds or so (i.e. shows border and the background except where controls will be shown). The control locations are white until controls are displayed after that initial 2 seconds.

I understand I could put a delay in the application while it is starting up, but would prefer something like a Suspend() / Resume() pair in strategic locations. I have tried putting in the load event, but that had no effect. Also, it looks like Refresh() breaks the Suspend/Resume. Ideas appreciated since I would like to use this strategy elsewhere in the application as well. I am wondering what is an approach that will work for this and other areas that flicker badly (or outright show a long delay before fully displaying like this startup dialog box as described).

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Where is the code located that is causing the delay? –  roryap Apr 22 at 18:09
In the Shown event handler of the Main Form. –  Buck Apr 22 at 19:22

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Try putting your long-running code in the Load event handler instead. By putting it in the Shown event handler, it causes the form to freeze until it's done loading because the shown event handler is not letting other events in the message loop, e.g. the Paint event -- get processed. At least if you put it in the Load event, all the long running code will occur before anything gets displayed at all.

If you don't like having any delay, consider putting the long running code in a timer that kicks off in the Shown event.

Then there's always the BackgroundWorker if you want to get more advanced with long-running code.

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Great and thanks!! –  Buck Apr 22 at 22:12
You're welcome! –  roryap Apr 22 at 22:25

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