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Looking for the WPF equivalent of the following:

    Header="{Binding Path=Home.Header}"
    Content="{Binding **Path=Home**, Mode=OneWay}" />

Home is:

public ViewModelBase Home
        return this._homeViewModel;

Inside my ViewModel, I am unable to bind the XAML to the _homeViewModel in Silverlight.

Any ideas ?

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As a side note, setting Mode=OneWay on a binding is always pointless in a Silverlight project. Silverlight doesn't support setting a different default binding mode on a DependencyProperty so everything is OneWay by default. Pretty nasty on stuff like TextBox.Text and ListBox.SelectedItem (Silverlight can be really frustrating for WPF developers) – Alun Harford Feb 24 '10 at 0:40
@Alun, I am a WPF, I recently decided to abandon WPF for the lack of the support of RIA Services, now I find myself addicted to RIA and in the other hand I am so frustrated from the lack of basic functionality as UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged and more. – Shimmy Mar 27 '11 at 12:02
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Silverlight still doesn't support implicit DataTemplates :-(

The best you can do is to use an attached behaviour to set the DataTemplate yourself (and have the behaviour get a DataTemplate with a key that is defined by convention).

Google "Attached Behaviour" if that was gobbledygook.

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