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I was trying to use the checkin goal of maven-scm-plugin to check in some files that my script may or may not have changed due to an earlier phase.

The problem I encounter is that the hg operation will exit with status 1 if nothing changed, causing the entire build to fail. It is a perfectly valid case for me that nothing did change, in which case I am perfectly happy with not checking in anything.

However, I cannot find a way to specify this in my pom.xml file. I have tried

  • Finding a skip config option to checkin (I can set a property based on the outcome of my script). There seems to be none (compare with check-local-modifications which has a skip option).
  • Finding a way to conditionally execute the checkin. The only way I found was using profiles, which is not good enough for me, since profile activation is so severely limited.
  • Finding a way to ignore the exit status of hg. Aside from wrapping the hg executable on my path, I did not find a good, portable way.

Right now I am stuck with manually executing hg using the exec-maven-plugin, but it feels like an ugly hack.

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