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I've got a RequireJS plugin that takes in a module name, adds a bit of extra stuff to its path, then loads that module.

    load: function (name, req, onload, config) {
        var bits = name.split('/');
        if (config.isBuild) {
            var path = 'language/' + config.env + '/' + name + '/' + config.locale + '/' + bits[bits.length - 1] + '_' + config.locale + '_lang';
        } else {
            var path = 'language/' + go.env() + '/' + name + '/' + PFA.getLocale() + '/' + bits[bits.length - 1] + '_' + go.locale() + '_lang';
        req([path], function (obj) {

In my build config I've got the "dir:" parameter set to my output path, a tmp dir on my server.

However I'm getting file not found errors during the r.js optimization -- from the error details I can see the require() call in the plugin above is prepending the output build path (the dir: param), not the original baseURL. So it's looking for [buildDir]/language/(my module), not [baseUrl]/language/(my module).

Any ideas why the baseURL would be changing in the scope of my plugin?

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