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I want to learn android game development. I don't have any programing knowledge. So should I learn JAVA and eclipse to develop games for android.

Or should I learn Unity 3d. And is knowledge of java programing is necessary to develop android games in unity? Or knowledge of Javascript/UnityScript will do. Can I develop android games in unity with just JavaScript knowledge??

what are the benefits of unity over Java/eclipse and vice versa when talking of android game dev??

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you'd be better off learning generic techniques. it's one thing to know how to do it in a particular language, but if you don't know the WHY of something, you'll be utterly lost when switching environments because all you know is the HOW.. and HOW only works in specific ways –  Marc B Apr 22 at 19:27
If you're interested in Java in particular then JMonkey engine is similar to Unity but using Java instead of C#. However; either are challenging and you may want to start with something a little smaller –  Richard Tingle Apr 22 at 20:28

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Android Game Development using unity involves learning C# or a butchered version of javascript(which i don't recommend). As apposed to using java with eclipse.

Advantages of unity -HUGE amount of people use it, ie lots of examples. -Can port to other environment easily if you're careful about platform specific code. -comes with most of the instructions you need

Advantages of Java/eclipse. -maybe less people use it?(not sure as i use unity for the most part) -AFAIK can not port to some environments(AKA Apple Devices)

Either way you need to learn a programming language, and both eclipse's java(not javascript) and Unity's c# are both popular and SIMILAR in a lot of ways, so after learning one it would not be too difficult to learn the other. BUT just as the comment says, if your brand new to scripting, then it's better to learn generic information about how and why both languages work.

IMHO i would choose to use unity (but i'm very biased) i find that most problems have been gone over and answers are handily available. Hope this helps... let me know if you need further insight into unity.

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Isn't is necessary to attach android SDK with unity and program the game in java for unity? Of just JS/C# programming will do and I will get final apk? –  user1111111111111 Apr 23 at 5:02
It is nessesary to attach the android sdk to unity to build to android, but you only use it as an external tool, the coding for unity is always done in C#, whether your coding for android or iphone or PC/Mac. You don't need to touch java to get the final APK from unity. –  Grindz Apr 23 at 14:40

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