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I thought I had set up a successful schedule in Windows to run a PHP script. But all I got was an error which slaps only when run through the task scheduler.

Here is how I run the task:

I created a batch file runCron.bat:

start php.exe reportGenerator.php

and placed reportGenerator.php in the same folder as of the batch file.

When I manually execute the batch file, all is well. But when the same batch file is called by the task scheduler, PHP CLI throws the following error:

Could not open input file: reportGenerator.php

What would have been missed? I understand it's a path issue, but where exactly is the issue?

Thank you for any help.

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 start php.exe -f c:\full\path\to\reportGenerator.php

it probably looks for the script in the schedulers working directory, not in the bat file dir

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That solved the problem. Thank you. Since the batch file is calling php, I thought it should be taking its path as base. Now I understand that the first-caller always takes control of the path. –  Nirmal Feb 24 '10 at 0:58

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