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I want users to write text on an imageView and export it. The exporting, dragging stuff is done. But i cannot make the UITextView to grow and shrink as needed. I have no constraints both on width and height. The users can write freely. The grow and shrink function works acceptable while editing, in shouldChangeTextInRange event. But when i increase font size after editing. I cannot set the proper height and width using the new font size.

I am using following code after increasing and decreas textview's font size. I am really confused. (if i don't put the +10 stuff, the height and width doesn't fit and word wrapping occurs, and some text is not shown on last line. i do not want text wrapping. but this code shrinks and grows more than text need) :

- (void) resizeTxt:(UITextView*)target :(BOOL)INCDEC {

    CGRect frame = target.frame;

    CGRect requiredSize = [target.text boundingRectWithSize:CGSizeMake(target.contentSize.width, 0)
    CGFloat requiredHeight = requiredSize.size.height+fontSize;
    if (INCDEC==YES)
        frame.size.width = target.contentSize.width+10;
        frame.size.height = requiredHeight;
        frame.size.width = target.contentSize.width-10;
        frame.size.height = requiredHeight;
    NSLog(@"width %f",frame.size.width);
    NSLog(@"height %f",frame.size.height);

    target.frame = frame;
    /*[target sizeToFit];
    [target layoutIfNeeded]; */
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