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I need to install old kernel into Kali (Debian like) distro. I need to run program which requires older kernel.

I downloaded kernel but the installation gives me too many errors. I was reading similar topics and watch the videos, but so far I am not successful.

I do not have experience with kernels. Is there .deb package for kernels or any other easier way to do it?

Can I use such old kernel for this distribution?

Thank you

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The 2.4.33 kernel is pretty old. According to Debian's packaging files installing that old a kernel doesn't seem to be doable in wheezy. Attempting to install and run an old kernel outside the packaging system is not going to to work. All the "modern" libraries and applications will be broken when running the 2.4 kernel, as will the program (you need more than just a kernel for your program). If it were me, I'd set up a virtualization environment like VirtualBox or something similar and pick an old distro like CentOS 3.9 or an older Debian release (sarge or later). If that's not an option, you could always try and port the program to a more recent kernel.

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This is what I am doing. I am installing Woody. It looks terrible so far. Very old, I guess I lost some nerves over time ;) –  user3131067 Apr 22 at 21:58

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