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Im using the SendGrid API in my Windows Azure environment to send emails. I have a need to alter the email priority (Low\High Importance) of some emails, but I don't see any properties that allow me to do this.

Does anyone have experience with SendGrid who knows how to change the priority? There is a property that allows me to add headers.. so Im not sure if that's something I can use to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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If you are using the Web API you can use the headers parameter as you mention. If sending via SMTP you can just add the headers to your message.

There are a few headers defined in RFC 4021 that support this as well as some custom ones. I'd use the following JSON for the headers parameter to start:

{“Priority”: “Urgent”, “Importance”: “high”}

If that doesn't work you can also look into the X-Priority and X-MSMail-Priority headers.

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Thanks! That did the trick, but I had to use some slightly different headers. I didn't use Priority, I used Importance as high and X-Priority as 1, and Importance as low and X-Priority as 5 to send a low importance message. Thx! –  ewitkows Apr 23 '14 at 15:44

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