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I am making an app using Wifi-direct and it runs fine on android 4.1 devices when I am at home (devices also connected to my home wifi - i understand not simultaneously) . when I take my app outside after the two devices connect using wifi direct and each device conencted to some wifi access point I get a Wifi-Notification "Connecting to wifi network will disconnect devices on wifi direct"

let me explain the steps to avoid doubts
(devices A samsung galaxyS2(ATT) and B-Nexus 7 2013)

1) Connect device A and device B to WiFi access point.

2) Start my app on device A and B, discover each other and connect using wifiDirect.

3) After some time without any specific input or change in setting I get the wifi-notification
"Connecting to wifi network will disconnect devices on wifi direct"

on selecting or ignoring this the wifidirect connection is lost between devices. I do not see this happening when I test it at my home,both devices still conencted to wifi at home.

is there a way to avoid this notification and interruption to the wifidirect session?

Thanks Rakesh

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