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This seems to defeat the purpose of a valid? method.

I have a model as such:

class MonthlyUserUtility < ActiveRecord::Base
before_validation :month_ending_on_must_be_last_day_of_month
attr_accessible :month_ending_on   
def month_ending_on_must_be_last_day_of_month
 if self.month_ending_on.is_a?(Date)
   write_attribute(:month_ending_on, self.month_ending_on.end_of_month)
 elsif !self.month_ending_on.nil?
   errors.add(:month_ending_on, 'must be a valid datetime')

Then I create an invalid instance as such

muu = MonthlyUserUtility.build({month_ending_on: false})

when I call save or valid? the validation runs but instead of returning false I get:

   PG::InvalidDatetimeFormat: ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type date: "f"

What am I not understanding here?

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this actually has to do with the fact that the month_ending_on value is false. if I pass 'asdfasd' the validation works fine. No idea why this is but I changed the value in the validator as self.month_ending_on = nil if self.month_ending_on == !!self.month_ending_on. Fixes it but I have no idea why. –  Eric H. Apr 23 at 0:47
Which line does the error show ? –  0v3rc10ck3d Apr 23 at 8:32
What does that mean, "when I call save of valid?? –  Dave Newton Apr 23 at 11:38
save OR valid? - typo sorry fixed –  Eric H. Apr 23 at 17:34

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This can be because the model is not saved to the database yet before validation

Try replacing before_validation with validate (Note: not validates)

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