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I have been working with the Oculus Rift and got it all set up to use in my project. Now I just need to set up two viewports. As the documentation states in Psuedocode.

// Render Left Eye Half
SetViewport(0, 0, HResolution/2, VResolution);

// Render Right Eye Half 
SetViewport(HResolution/2, 0, HResolution, VResolution); 

I've googled around quite a lot and am not getting results. Can someone explain how, direct me to some tutorials, or source code on how to do this with DirectX11? Prefferably explain how to split the viewport though.

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What part are you having trouble with? You can set the viewport with RSSetViewports() –  Nico Schertler Apr 23 at 10:41

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Have you look at unity oculus integration?

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