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Not sure whether it is the right place I ask this question. I am being a WordPress Developer and I find a lot of very useful Plugin over the world. Most of them are under GNU General Public License or Common Creative License.

My question is if I modify and mainly base on the download plugin and add a lot my own coding, lastly install it onto my WordPress, below is the sample of the plugin information which will be showed in WordPress Plugin.

Plugin Name: Useful Plugin
Plugin URI: http://original-usefulplugin.me/
Description: An useful plugin to wordpress
Author: Original Designer
Version: 1.0
Author URI: http://orginal-usefulplugin.me/

Am I eligible to quote I am the new author to this plugin or how I can keep credit to the original author in the plugin setting?

Version 1.0 | By My New Name | Visit plugin site

What is the best practice to this kind of coding enhancement in this programming world?

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