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I'm creating a plugin for MvvmCross in which I create a PopUp, but i'm having some trouble centering it in the screen. To center it I'm trying to use the following code:

var page = ?; //No idea how to get page
popup.HorizontalOffset = (screen.ActualWidth - ((FrameworkElement)popup.Child).ActualWidth) / 2;
popup.VerticalOffset = (screen.ActualHeight - ((FrameworkElement)popup.Child).ActualHeight) / 2;

In Android I was able to get the top activity using:


In iOS I was able to get the top view using:


Is there a similar to any of these? Or is there a better way to center the PopUp in the screen?


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Could use Application.Current.RootVisual.RenderSize msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/… –  Stuart Apr 23 at 6:54
Thanks Stuart =) –  Daniel Apr 24 at 4:21

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This is a sample code of adding a popup at center of the screen. Put his code on tap event of a button.

Popup p = new Popup();
TextBox tb = new TextBox { Text = "This is a test.\r\n Hello Test!" };
p.Child = tb;
p.VerticalOffset = (this.ActualHeight - tb.ActualHeight) / 2;
p.HorizontalOffset = (this.ActualWidth - tb.ActualWidth) / 2;
p.IsOpen = true;

Hope, this will work for you.

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I'm trying to create the PopUp in a Plugin not directly in the PhonePage, so i cannot use "this.ActualWidth". The first time I made my sample code, it was exactly like this one. My problem is migrating it to the plugin. That's why i'm having trouble getting the screen. Thanks anyway =) –  Daniel Apr 23 at 5:15

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