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I'm desperate...

I've made a little event-manager facebook app that uses the facebook PHP SDK. Yesterday it has been deleted from facebook the second time and now I can find the app under my appeals...

Let me explain you the basic functions of the app.

  1. There is a Login where you can log in with facebook. Everyone could log in with facebook but in the background I have a whitelist of user ids that really have access to the app.

    1. When your're successfully logged in there is a list of events owned by selected facebook pages.
    2. In every event you can:
    3. Remove all guests who have not responded the invitation. This is done with AJAX in little intervals (10 per request).

      $aQueries = array();
      if( $aInvitedFriends )
          foreach( $aInvitedFriends as $aUser )
              $aQueries[] = array( 'method' => 'DELETE', 'relative_url' => $_POST[ 'eid' ] . '/invited/' . $aUser[ 'uid' ] );
          $batchResponse = $oFb->api( '?batch=' . json_encode( $aQueries ), 'POST' );
  2. Invite all friends to the event (see under "Publishing"). I read somewhere that there is a limit of 50 user ids per invite request...

        if( $aFriendsToInvite )
            foreach( array_chunk( $aFriendsToInvite, 50 ) as $aFriends )
                    "/{$_POST[ 'eid' ]}/invited",
                        'users' => implode( ',', $aFriends ),

I think the problem is the part when inviting friends, because yesterday facebook kicked me out again while inviting friends... Deleting guests that have not respondedthe invitation was no problem and woked like a charm.

So now I've made a little "improvement"(?). When inviting friends the array is now chunked into parts of 25 AND(!) after each invite request with 25 user ids the script will sleep 300 seconds (5mins). I hope this will help.

Does anyone have experience with similar problems? Facebook isn't really transparent with the appeal messages. My app could have been deleted with so many reasons but I really guess on a problem with invitations.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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