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I am developing on a prestashop website that has two js scripts that are executed at the same time, when the document is ready. Both are ajax petitions. My problem is that the user I use to connect to the database has a maximun of one connection at the same time and,as both scripts are executed at the same time, it always throws an exception.

I was wondering if there is some way to make an script way until there are not petitions to the server. I mean, making the second script wait until the first one has finished it's job.

It would be great if I could do this without having to change the first one, as it's a default script of Prestashop.

Thank you beforehand :)

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function ajaxfunc() {
    var load = $.get('functions.php');
    load.error(function() {
      console.log("Mlkia kaneis");
      $(".div").html('failed to load');
      // do something here if request failed
    load.success(function( res ) {
      console.log( "Success" );
    load.done(function() {
      console.log( "Completed" );

You can use the load.done. Basically once this is done execute the other one

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