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it's me again :)

I'm trying to extend the following behaviour of Tapestry Grid in the following way.

At the moment, I can select how many rows per page I want displayed like this:

<t:grid class="t-form-loop"

I would like the part with rowsPerPage to be dynamically changeable, meaning user could click on one of the predefined amounts (10,20,50,100) or simply enter his own desired amount of rows displayed per page.

One dirty (and not smart way to do this) is to provide the links/imput for that and save it in a variable on my page, so the Grid could reference it like this:


However, assume I have, for example, 20-30 pages. Adding the same code on each and every one of them would be useless and stupid, so I'd assume I'd want to decorate the existing grid somehow. However, I would not like to do this globally, since on some pages I would like to offer this functionality and on some not.

So, given my limited knowledge of Tapestry, I'd assume I have 2 options:

  1. Mixin that would add the following functionality to selected Grids
  2. Extend Grid component in a way that is has the following 2 parameters:

    a. t:rowsPerPageValues="10,20,50,100"
    b. t:rowsPerPageInput="true"

Also, I'd like to know how many rows are currently displayed.

What is the best approach to this problem and could I have some help/tips with implementing them?

Edit: I'd like it to look something like this (sry for bad HTML): http://jsfiddle.net/ZST4E/1/

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I think you should create a new component which has an embedded t:grid. You might find that publishParameters will help.



public class ExtendedGrid {
   @Component(id="grid", publishParameters="source,inplace,etc,etc")
   private Grid grid;

   private int rowsPerPage;


<t:container xmlns:t="http://tapestry.apache.org/schema/tapestry_5_3.xsd">
   <t:form zone="gridZone">
      <t:select t:id="rowsPerPage" model="[10,20,50,100]" /> <t:submit />
   <t:zone t:id="gridZone">
      <t:grid t:id="grid" rowsPerPage="prop:rowsPerPage" />


<t:extendedGrid source="mySource" inplace="true" />
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Actually, I've tried the mixin approach (following your Grid Cell Decorator) and I've done everything except 1 thing. Grid has no setter for "rowsPerPage" :( –  Lopina Apr 23 at 19:10
You can use @BindParameter to update component properties from a mixin but you will have troubles since rowsPerPage defaults to a literal binding. You can't update a value bound to a literal: from a mixin. More details here –  Lance Java Apr 24 at 7:44
Perhaps you could do a dynamic parameter list @Component(id="grid", publishParameters="prop:myCalculatedParameterList") –  Lance Java Apr 24 at 8:32
No, these are formal parameters. t:rowsPerPageValues="prop:[10,20,50,100,1000,10000000]". –  Lance Java Apr 24 at 10:47
I stand corrected... and, you're welcome. –  Lance Java Apr 24 at 12:22

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