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im using php mailer to send email in php.I just want to know if there is a way how to make a group emails in php or mysql?

i want to use that group email to send to all of my contacts.


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The simplest thing that comes up to mind is to just use the mail function loading the $to from an array containing all of your contacts' email adresses. It should be easy enough.

Also, you can send multiple emails just changing the parameter $to accordingly, like you can see from the example here

Check example N° 4.

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Assuming you're using PHPMailer:

Store all the emailaddresses you want to send an email to in an array. After that you loop over all the emailaddresses.

$mailaddresses; //this is the array with the emailadresses, store the emailaddresses here
foreach($mailaddresses as $mailaddress) 

I think your question is similar to this question

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