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I am not able to get different lat and lang for locations which are in the same premises ie they have same address only the name of the business is different..For eg: BURGER KING, 44 HILLSDALE SHOPPING CENTER, SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is giving the same lat and lang as HOT DOG ON A STICK, 44 HILLSDALE SHOPPING CENTER, SAN MATEO, CA 94403 as the addresses are the same "44 HILLSDALE SHOPPING CENTER, SAN MATEO, CA 94403" ...Can anyone please tell me how i can get a location_type as ROOFTOP or how to format the address so that i get pinpoint location ..Currently i am getting a location_type as approximate and it is also not taking street_number as 44...

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Burger King is not an address, it is a place. The Geocoder will not resolve that, you probably want to use the Places API –  geocodezip Apr 23 at 13:52

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