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There is one button on an HTML page. Now I want to find out, which function is getting called and from which line of code within the JavaScript file.

How can I see/monitor that function using Firebug?

I was trying to find out by stepping through the code using F8, F9 and F10, but sometimes the page becomes unresponsive and sometimes I get the error message "Debugger not activated".

I read https://getfirebug.com/doc/breakpoints/demo.html but it didn't help. I have also tried the 'Log Events' context menu option on that button, but data is logged with every mouse event.

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Which version of Firefox and Firebug? Any URL to reproduce the problem? Note that I answered in a similar question lately. Problems like the page becoming unresponsive or getting the "Debugger not activated" message should be posted to the Firebug discussion group. –  Sebastian Zartner Apr 23 at 13:05

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