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My company develops AJAX driven softwares. These softwares are often used on intranets and client, as well as server, systems often do not have internet access. However, many of the client systems are such that they were once internet enabled, and at some point of time or another, have installed various Add-ons on their browsers.

I have come across an issue in Internet Explorer 10 where running my application would lead to an IE crash. This problem occurs only on systems that do not have any internet connection. However, this problem did not come up during the development and subsequent testing of the application at our (developer's) end, and only started to appear after being deployed on the client's network.

Adding further salt to my injury, it is not possible to actually see the browser crashing, as the target system is located in a different part of the country, and at the time when this problem occurs, obtaining the remote desktop controls for the client system is also not possible.

Based on a hunch, and a similar problem encountered earlier (and solved via Jquery Ajax call works in all browser except ie 10), I looked for installed Add-ons on the systems which were getting affected. I found that these systems had "Encarta Search Bar" enabled in their IE.

Upon disabling this Add-on, my application started to work properly.

I would like it, if such a problem could be, somehow, handled through my application itself, rather than having to force users to make changes to the stuff installed on their browser, i.e., of course if such a thing is possible.

So my question, here, is:

  1. Has anyone else ever come across such a problem?

  2. Does Encarta Search Bar Add-on for IE 10 do something with the received AJAX response, that requires an internet connection?

  3. Is there any way to detect (through my application), whether or not this particular Add-on is installed on the client browser? (I know there are ways to detect Add-ons like Adobe PDF reader, Flash, Quicktime, etc. but couldn't find anything to detect Encarta Search Bar)

  4. Are there any other add-ons which may lead to similar problems in my application?

  5. Is it possible to detect all enabled add-ons, through JavaScript?

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