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I am using Play!Framework 2.2.x(Java) for communication between server and mobile app.

I want to get callback if the mobile app request data and it was successfully returned in controller's action.

Because I want to store last time the app successfully get the data from the server, so that I can only provide the data after that time if the app is not request specific time of data.

I looked at play.GlobalSettings, there are onRequest, onBadRequest, OnError, however I can't find onSuccess kind of global handler.

It would be very appreciated if anybody give me some ideas in this case.

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I did as follows on GlobalSettings#onRequest,

public Action onRequest(Request request, Method method) {

    return new Action.Simple() {

        public Promise<SimpleResult> call(Context context) throws Throwable {
            // TODO: do something before actual action call.

            Promise<SimpleResult> call =;
            Callback<SimpleResult> callbackOnRedeem = new Callback<SimpleResult>() {

                public void invoke(SimpleResult result) throws Throwable {
                    // TODO : do something after action call.

            return call;


Javadoc for onRedeem:

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