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Hover psuedoclass doesn't seem to work with ng-class ... any ideas? Here's a sample:


    .orange {color:orange}
    .pointer-hover:hover {
        cursor: hand; cursor: pointer;
<table ng-app>
        <th>Orange<br />class</th>
        <th>Rollover<br />psuedoclass</th>
        <td>With class tag</td>
        <td class="orange">Orange</td> 
        <td class="pointer-hover">Hover pointer</td>
        <td>With ng-class tag</td>  
        <td ng-class="{orange: 1==true}">Orange</td>  
        <td ng-class="{pointer-hover: 1==true}">Hover pointer</td>
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Take a look at console, you have an error. Just wrap your class name with apostrophes:

"{'pointer-hover': 1==true}"

Updated fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/75n6w/12/

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Doh that was simple! Thanks very much –  Steve Apr 23 at 9:35
@Steve you're welcome! –  Cherniv Apr 23 at 9:46

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