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Convert from byte[] array to hex string in C# and Java gives us different result. Here is hex String in C#:

text1 ="30818902818100930033856fc39d6dd5ebd53829ac6f55895aceb08bf0f026aa0eaa0f87078204e4083a97a9eb8a08c72f14aa8b369e279e3eaf55409c7f0d05cce68a170f1b5746ba162502c327406762da51f6698213c3c7e88294ac3362d74a244ddb632c4835c5bc75449924fb1004b1e14f8ddc581c97718a74cac6c292c86079c3352f0f0203010001"

(Actually, text1 is public key string copied from .cer file)

And here is the hex String in Java:

text2 ="30819f300d06092a864886f70d010101050003818d0030818902818100de5e8945c6451d2d9d37e395adfdd7e924f341bbd096f875a7093b59f1f76f46d64e0bccf103e7ad813b0012c83c3bd8c512e8ecc82d59f55bff02479ae17f917d49f58a7731e9288a53c4a95e68f8aedaef8cd5b790340c18cb2d87b3d5248d97caaafe3c0cea74cf258d7adc103c6c0143639f9235c1e368324e32d6aa4aef0203010001"

I cannot change my partner code in C#, so what I have to do is convert that text1 to text2. Do anyone here can suggest me how to do that?

Or how can I get Public Key from text1, it always give me the wrong format. That's why I have to use text2. Thanks

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Would be better if we saw both C# and Java code you used.. – Soner Gönül Apr 23 '14 at 10:21
I strongly suspect that the byte arrays you've started with are different. However, you haven't told us anything about where the data comes from (beyond "copied from .cer file", which doesn't tell us much) , or what code you're using to convert from byte[] to text on either platform. – Jon Skeet Apr 23 '14 at 10:21

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