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I've lost access to my previous account on GitHub, so created new one and now, when I am trying to share my project ( which was shared on GitHub before), I get this message:

Can't get repository info: {myRepositoryName}
404: Not Found - Not Found

How to tell IDEA Intellij that I want to share project on different repository? thanks

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From an open project:

File > Settings > [Project Settings] > Version Control > GitHub


File > Other Settings > Default Settings > [Template Project Settings] > Version Control > GitHub

From the Welcome Screen

Configure > Settings > [Template Project Settings] > Version Control > GitHub


This needs to be done via command line or the Terminal Tool Window in IDEA (Tools > Terminal Window). See Stackoverflow topic How to change a remote repository URI using Git? for information.

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thanks, that's what I needed, I have changed credentials before, but didnt' know how to change repository URI –  mrk2 Apr 24 '14 at 8:52

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