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I've the same issue like here Not able to resolve JSObject in a java applet project :

  • JSObject is taken from the jfxrt.jar (JavaFX) inside the jdk instead from the plugin.jar, so there is no JSObject.getWindow method and compilation fails.

Problem here is that I've a build with java 8 and maven so I can't remove jfxrt.jar from the build path and it seems that the order of JDK and maven dependencies can't be changed.

So is there a way to exclude JavaFX somehow or is there an alternative to JSObject.getWindow to call some JavaScript from the hosting website?

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Finally found a solution (mainly taken from http://apache-geronimo.328035.n3.nabble.com/Maven-compiler-endorsed-libraries-tp693448p702566.html):

  • The java compiler has an option "endorseddirs" to overwrite the bootstrap classes
  • If you place the plugin.jar inside one of these folders it overwrites the JSObject from JavaFX
  • In your maven poms you have to tell the compiler plugin which folders to search and you can use the dependency plugin to copy dependencies/artifacts to that folders

Compiler plugin:


(If you have the plugin.jar as a maven dependency:)

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