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a<-c("Look at the sky", "Sun is bright", "cloudy day")
b<-c("sky", "day")

I want to subset a based on b. My preferred answer is:

"Look at the sky", "cloudy day"

How to do this in R?

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Option 1

You can match a against all terms in b with sapply

sapply(b, grepl, a)

       sky   day

Then you collapse all rows with apply and subset a.

a[apply(sapply(b, grepl, a), 1, any)]

[1] "Look at the sky" "cloudy day"     

Option 2

Create a combined regexp pattern

paste(b, collapse="|")

[1] "sky|day"

and grep with it

a[grepl(paste(b, collapse="|"), a)]

[1] "Look at the sky" "cloudy day"     
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+1 - nice answer. I believe that pattern <- paste(b, collapse="|") would suffice for option 2. No need to wrap the pattern in brackets. Another alternative for the grep is: grep(pattern, a, value=T). –  jbaums Apr 23 at 11:08
You're right, updated it now. Thanks! –  Backlin Apr 23 at 12:00

Try the string searching facilities form the stringi package:

a[sapply(a, function(ae) any(stri_detect_fixed(ae, b)))]
## [1] "Look at the sky" "cloudy day"

Here we detect whether each string in a contains any string in b as its subsequence.

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