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is there hotkey doing navigate forward ? (like CTRL+ - in VS2008)

I was not able to find it at the 'setting -> shortcut mapper'

notepad++ is very good software, i believe notepad++ have the function

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Try Change Markers--I think this is what you are looking for, or at least can address some subset of it.

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Change Markers is no longer considered "Stable", and is unavailable in the Plugin Manager.

Location Navigate (LocationNav) has hotkeys for moving backwards/forwards across both cursor positions and across source edits.

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+1 thanks for the update. To help others, this uses CTRL + - to navigate backwards and CTRL + SHIFT - to navigate forwards. These keys can be changed under Settings ->Shortcut mapper -> Plugin commands -> Previous Location / Next Location – Steve Chambers Feb 23 '14 at 20:38

I recommend installing OpenCTags plugin for Notepad++. It relies on CTags that you can download too from its page. At first usage (pressing ALT-SPACE for jumpnig to a symbol like function name), CTags will be invoked for building tags DB.
When you jump to symbol, OpenCTags keeps history. Then, you can use ALT-P and ALT-N for going back and forward (= Previous and Next). You can also, find all its commands in Notepad++'s plugin menu under OpenCTags.

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