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I have a datatable that I need to iterate row-wise and print it using iTextSharp in ASP.NET using C#.

For each row retrieved in parent datatable dt, I print a child table dt_child. The dt_child is being printed perfectly. But the rows of parent dt are not printed in table fashion.

I am currently using the code specified below. But I need better code. As the dt isn't being displayed properly.

foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)

    //The way I print the dt row needs to be changed
    foreach (DataColumn dc in dt.Columns)

    //Code Below this works perfectly
    dt_child = getDataTablebyProcedure("ChildProcedure",key);
    stringWrite = getStringWriterbyDataTable(dt_child, stringWrite);



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There are no iTextSharp classes visible in the code you show. Thus, no one can help yet. Most likely the actual iTextSharp objects and their uses are hidden in that stringWrite object and getStringWriterbyDataTable method. –  mkl Apr 23 at 11:49
For reference, those methods are from this earlier question: stackoverflow.com/q/23235519/231316 –  Chris Haas Apr 23 at 14:37

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