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I have a gps class which returns lat,long. And i'm trying to get the city name or address from this coordinates with geocoder. It works well with internet but without internet it says: connection timeout.

is it possible to get city name or anything without internet?

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fetch the city name for lat long first time using internet. Store it locally and then nxt time use that, instead of fetching from internet. –  Ritesh Gune Apr 23 at 11:59
Save all cities with corosponding lat,long in an offline database in your phone (This is maybe to big for your application/sd-card)an implement the lookup yourself. –  Simulant Apr 23 at 11:59
so without internet the geocode will can't get city names? –  user2682360 Apr 23 at 12:02

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Yes, you can create a city database on your app and check lat & lng to determine the city.

You can download database from internet : http://www.sqldumpster.com/databases/geographic/

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it hasn't got hungary database –  user2682360 Apr 23 at 12:01
I'm sure you can find hungary sql database on Google ;) Look at that : geopostcodes.com/Hungary –  Florian Mac Langlade Apr 23 at 12:03
i don't want to pay for this :) –  user2682360 Apr 23 at 12:05

You can download a list of the biggest 20.000 or 40.000 cities of the world from Geonames.

You read that file in at startup. Probably you will ne a geospatial index like a quad tree for fast search. You may first start using a brute force search.

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