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I have to get current location of my user and I have done it by using CLLocationManager. I can get user's current city or area. I have an array of cities and have to check that which city is closest to the current location of user. Is it possible and if yes then how I can achieve it.

EDIT: I have to show some deals or offers on the basis of user's location. If user is not from the city which is in my list, then I have to find out the nearest city and have to show offers from that city.

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This is quite a broad question. You can do it in many different ways. You have to be more specific. –  pe60t0 Apr 23 at 11:58
please check the edit –  iBug Apr 23 at 12:04
Do you need a straight line distance between the 2 cities ? Do you need a driving distance ? A walking distance ? –  pe60t0 Apr 23 at 12:14
a simple straight line distance –  iBug Apr 23 at 12:15
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I just put simple mine logic, if you have any query then your can inform me.

So, you have more the two coordinate

1) current (user Location)
2) another coordinate ..

Here distanceFromLocation: method is use for get distance between two location.

CLLocationDistance distance = [currentLOcation distanceFromLocation:anotherLocation];

you get here distance in meter so 20 miles = 32187 meter

put condition such like

if(distance <= 32187)
  // under 20 miles
  // out of 20 miles
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