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I am trying to create a query to aggregate clicks from a db
contains an entry with a time and date for every click
I am stuck though since my query don't "compile"
I want to aggregate the clicks in between certain hours and display them in a catagory
(morning, noon, evening, night) How can I do that? - here is what I do as for now

FROM click_history
Where (SELECT count(*) from click_history where click_history_hour BETWEEN '08:00:00' AND '12:00:00') as n
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If you want to aggregate by hour, then I would expect to see a group by. Maybe something like this:

select (case when click_history_hour < '08:00:00' then 'time1'
             when click_history_hour < '12:00:00' then 'time2'
             else 'time3'
        end) as whichtime, count(*) as n
from click_history
group by (case when click_history_hour < '08:00:00' then 'time1'
               when click_history_hour < '12:00:00' then 'time2'
               else 'time3'

Of course, the names of the periods and there definition is up to you.

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thanks alot you are a life saver lad – crazyPixel Apr 23 '14 at 13:28

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