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I want to save video which capturing from webcam into local disk. I wrote code it shows webcam but It can't save into local disk. The error is Failed creating compressed stream.. What should I do in here?

            writer = new AVIWriter("wmv3");
            writer.FrameRate = 30;
            writer.Open("video.avi", Convert.ToInt32(640), Convert.ToInt32(480)); // ERROR İS HERE **Failed creating compressed stream.**

            //Create NewFrame event handler
            //(This one triggers every time a new frame/image is captured
            videoSource.NewFrame += new AForge.Video.NewFrameEventHandler(videoSource_NewFrame);

            //Start recording

    void videoSource_NewFrame(object sender, AForge.Video.NewFrameEventArgs eventArgs)

        //Cast the frame as Bitmap object and don't forget to use ".Clone()" otherwise
        //you'll probably get access violation exceptions
        pictureBoxVideo.BackgroundImage = (Bitmap)eventArgs.Frame.Clone();
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Do you have a WMV3 encoder installed on your computer? I may be mistaken, but you should consider downloading and installing the Microsoft Expression Encoder from here. – Anders Gustafsson Apr 23 '14 at 19:18
I installed but how I encode Microsoft Expression Encoder with Visual Studio 2012? – AhmetMelihBaşbuğ Apr 26 '14 at 15:02

Have you ever consider the size of the stream of your webcam? I have the same problem, too. I know you set your video size into 640 and 480, but the video stream size which comes from your webcam(I guess) would be never the same. I also guess you set your container such as picturebox or imagebox into 640 and 480, but that doesn't mean the video stream would be the same. I use savedialog to check the video stream that comes out of my webcam, and guess what? The size would be (648, 486). Who would ever set such a strange number set? But I set my code into this :

writer.Open("video.avi", Convert.ToInt32(648), Convert.ToInt32(486));

And it works fine!

I do not know the rest of your code is correct or not, but I'm sure my bug is in the set of size :)

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