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I am trying to make the link not load a website but just display it as text. So if I use something like this Visit Stack!

I don't want a link but just a "Visit Stack" text. (Non clickable) So I have a textbox on one screen which the text gets saved in the database. The Time screen loads the unformatted link as a website within the application rather than just text. So it acts as a browser when links are entered VS just to display the text as entered.

I have tried the following:

  foreach (var item in service)
            item.note = ConversionUtils.GetAsciiTextFromUnicode(item.note);

I also tried changing it at the declaration and converting it like so:

var note = DataTable.GetStrRow("Note", dr); TO:

 var note =   ConversionUtils.GetAsciiTextFromUnicode(DataTable.GetStrRow("Note", dr));
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