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i have two div blocks in my code

1. <div class="for-devices">

    //some additional elements


2. <div class="for-desktops">

     //some additional elements


my question is what is the best way to show .for-devices div for devices and .for-desktops for desktops. If we access page from devices .for-desktop div should be removed and if we access page from desktops .for-devices should be removed.

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Check the related question on the right.... you have your answer there. –  Karl-André Gagnon Apr 23 at 12:44

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var UserAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();

function DetectDevice()
   if (UserAgent.search("ipad") > -1 || UserAgent.search("iphone") > -1 || UserAgent.search("android") > -1){
      // Code for above devices

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