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"Type 'HR.Database' is not defined'

I get that error for several classes that are stored in the App_Code folder in the Error List panel when building my project.

It is a class I wrote with namespace HR

How can I reference it or alter the project to recognize those classes and remove the error?

I thought I should reference it but when trying to add a reference there are no items in the list of projects. Also, they are .vb files and not a .dll

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You don't give a lot of information here. How do you expect us to solve your problem? What kind of project is it? Is it a Web site project or a Web Application Project? –  Erik Funkenbusch Apr 23 '14 at 14:05
Web Application. Ask many anything else you need. Its pure ignorance that caused me to leave out the details. I have been coding .net for a long time but am just now actually using the IDE for anything more than coding so I am still learning how solutions work and what not. –  masteroleary Apr 23 '14 at 22:23
If it's a web application, then you have no need for an App_code directory. App_Code is used for Web Site projects, because they are not compiled into a DLL, while Web Application projects are. –  Erik Funkenbusch Apr 23 '14 at 22:28
Ok. I will go research the difference of the two. Thanks for answering this noob –  masteroleary Apr 23 '14 at 22:32

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I wasted the better part of a working day on this problem before figuring it out...

When you add files to App_Code, Visual Studio sets the "Build Action" property to "Content", instead of "Compile", which it does for all other classes. So your classes don't get compiled, and then VS complains that it can't find them. Presumably this is VS' way of saying that App_Code is not where you should put your app code, reasonable as it may appear.

The solution is to right-click on each file and reset "build action" to "compile". This also has to be done whenever you add files. Or you could submit to VS and put your source somwhere else.

< /frustration>

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This is the perfect solution! I wasted a hour on this, going through iterations until I learned how to ask the correct question and found your answer. –  Rubix_Revenge May 23 at 21:00

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