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How I integrate Ajax with zendframework.I need some good tutorials.

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Put this in your controller

public function init()
    $contextSwitch = $this->_helper->getHelper('contextSwitch');
    $contextSwitch->addActionContext('test', 'json')

create a test action

public function testAction()
    $this->view->var1 = "I'm testing";

Then use jquery to perform the request in your view

<script type="text/javascript">


    str = $('#test').val();
        { var1: str, format: 'json' }, 



<input type="text" name="test" id="test" value="just testing" />
    <a href="<?php echo $this->url(array('controller' => 'index', 'action' => 'test')); ?>" id="link">Testar</a>

<div id="display">...</div>
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You can use something like this in your controller:

    public function testAction() {
        // Remove all of your HTML stuff
        // PHP to create an array form database or something
        // This will return the info as json. It takes care of the header and everything else!
        return $this->_helper->json->sendJson( array('test') );
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