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How do I restrict references, so that:

  • student_teachers can have 0-n teachers
  • teachers can have 0-n students and student_teachers
  • students can have many teachers but no student_teachers

    class Person(Document):
        email = EmailField(primary_key=True)
        password = StringField(required=True)
        role = StringField(required=True)
        assigned = ListField(ReferenceField('self'))
        assignee_to = ListField(ReferenceField('self'))
        def clean(self):
            if self.role not in ('student', 'teacher', 'student_teacher'):

Or do I need to create seperate classes for each: class Student(Document), class Teacher(Document), class StudentTeacher(Document)?

If so, how should I manage inheritance (for email and password)? - Or should I just have a field referencing Person from each specialisation?

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