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-edit- nevermind i was lucky and didnt need to change much and have this test working.

I am doing a quick test and i need to choose the full path to a function.

in C# i can write

namespace ABC { class DEF { static string Test() { return "A test"; } } }

and can access it with ABC.DEF.Test() i tried

Namespace ABC 
    Partial Public Class DEF 
        Public Function Test(ByVal v As String) As String
            Return "A Test"
        End Function
    End Class
End Namespace

and i got VBTest.ABC.DEF.Test(). How do i get rid of VBTest which is the name of my project?

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Look in the project properties under the Application section - it will have a Root Namespace entry that you can change (remove VBTest from it).

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