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I am new to Oracle. I did a fresh installation of Windows 7 x64 on my laptop to install Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition (for learning purpose).

While on admin windows account, I first made a standard windows user with a password to use during the installation. The installation went fine as well as the creation of default ORCL database. The only warning I got was "The selected Oracle home is outside of Oracle base" which I fixed by going back to directories option and setting the directory from "Admin Name" to "Oracle" and it adjusted all directories according to "Oracle" name (I found this solution on internet).

Now after system restart, I am trying to connect to ORCL database using username and password I defined in setup and it just keeps telling me that my logon is incorrect "ora-01017 invalid username/password logon denied" whether I use SQL Developer or SQL Plus command line ?

I have tried searching on internet and didn't find anything much useful or say it's too technical that I don't understand, can anyone explain in simple way that what should I do to make this thing work ?

Thank you and sorry if I sound frustrated, I did this installation twice on Windows 8 which led to errors in my OS then switched Windows 7 and now this third installation is also leading to this error.

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Can you login as sys? –  OldProgrammer Apr 23 '14 at 16:10

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remember password is case-sensitive by default, maybe this could be your problem. in oracle 11g and 12c this parameter is case-sensitive., so check your password and write it as you created. try to login with a user that have CONNECT grant. sys or system should work.

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Open SQL Plus and type this "Sys as SYSDBA" for username and don't type any password and it will automatically connected.

Enter user-name: Sys as SYSDBA

Enter password: (don't need)



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