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I am creating a mail client with JavaMail. I have successfully received emails and they are being entered into the database for the most part. The content-disposition is not being entered into the database properly. I am having trouble with importing inline objects into the database.

The following is the code that I have written and am implementing in my mail client:

String filename = part.getFileName();
File f = new File(filename);
InputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(part.getInputStream());
psINLINE.setBinaryStream(1, in);

The following error code is received:

java.sql.SQLException: Error reading from InputStream com.sun.mail.util.DecodingException
Caused by: com.sun.mail.util.DecodingException: BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: needed at least 2 valid base64 characters, but only got 1 before padding character (=), the 10 most recent characters were: "%\164L\128\192<\160<\163="

This only occurs on incoming gmails. All other incoming mail works fine. Can you help me out with this. Thank you

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