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I am facing problem in accessing the element by ID after binding the data to the HTML. I am trying to access the element by ID using the directive.

The HTML content is binded to a DIV element and I am trying to find by id on the binded content using the access-html-id directive, but i am not able to get the matching element though its present.

This is how the HTML content is binded to the DIV

<div ng-bind-html="html_data" access-html-id ></div>

Code to access the binded html content is as follows

    return {
        restrict : 'A',
        link : function(scope, iElement, attrs, controller){
                console.log(iElement.find("#hello")); // DOESNT WORKS

I am not sure where I am going wrong in accessing the element.

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Find in jqLite is limited to find only by tag name (not id).

You can review the documentation of jqLite here

Or you can include jQuery in your project, just be sure to include jQuery before angular

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